Unblocking a few to celebrate Spring

Responding to Frank

I’m sure it will have to change again in the future, but I decided to unblock a few people in an effort to continue to work together towards the Vote YES efforts in the Spring Election.

You see, earlier Jason was so proud of the fact that I was allowed to comment on posts on his page, but I had blocked a few people from my own.. and I guess he was one of them (of course, not his own name, but I unblocked him anyways).

Then, of course, John “Frank” Lynch decided to jump in and start his attacks on Malliaros. You see he likes to jump in and throw threads off topics so he can continue to make his attacks. No, he isn’t unblocked on DF.

But the fact is, as I noted here, George Malliaros did say he would Vote YES on one of the questions. At this point he is not committed to the other, but that means I have a month to work on him..lol.

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