Reply to Jason at that “Fake” Forum for Dracut

April 2 FB Posting

First, let me say this. I shared Jason’s post from his “Real Forum” (jk) onto the Dracut Forum FB page so that I could comment on it. Its rare that I do that, but I believe it was necessary to rebut some of the falsities he is putting forth.

He deleted the post from his site then reposted it to cancel the share. His choice, I won’t do that again (note that my sharing his post actually improves his visiblity on FB, not mine).

So, here I share his post publicly, and add my comments:

Malliaros did join us on the 980 WCAP program yesterday.

When talking about the override question from 3 years ago, he did say that the school committee acted greedy at the time, and we all agreed with him. They chose an arbitrary large amount (2.9 Million) all that was supposed to go to just one department. It was reaching too far, and it failed miserably.

As to some savings, we all discussed not getting “rid” of Franciamore, but creating a central finance department that would be made up with people who had experience with the various domains, but led by one financial department head. Some towns have done this already.

Malliaros did mention that he had been away the last few weeks visiting his college aged children and friends, so was not up on the current election.

As to the pipeline he did mention that he had been living with one in his own yard for decades. He had some concern about the compression station, but also wanted to hear what benefits (revenue) that may come to the town do to the infrastructure.

Now, Jason can continue to try to stop people from commenting on his posts, that’s his choice. I just recommend he actually listen, instead of just hear what he wants. And don’t worry J, we’ll keep doing the work of bringing out the topics and issues so that you have something to comment on.

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