Hughes will support two questions

Selectman Allyson Hughes joined us this morning on 980 WCAP to discuss the options that are available for the Board of Selectmen this Tuesday evening, and how she will come down on the issues.

On the table are two different options for a tax override being proposed to support various town departments.

On one hand is a single question that would provide for a 1.1 million dollar override to support all of the departments.

On the other is proposed two separate questions, one for the school department at $550,000, the other for the town safety departments (fire and police) at about the same.

Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Tony Archinski has identified Hughes as the “swing” vote on this issue, as he and Tami D have declared they want the single question option, Joe DiRocco is definitely on the two question side, and he believed the same of Cathy Richardson.

After weeks of considering this, and reviewing it with many constituents and stakeholders, Hughes has decided that the best decision is to provide the choice of multiple questions.

Those who want to support the whole town, as Selectmen Archinski and DiRocco have said they would last week, will vote for both questions.

However, if someone only wants to support one, they have that choice.

In my opinion, although I would prefer one question I am not a Selectman who has to make the decision for everyone in town.  If I were a Selectman, I think I would choose to do as she has to allow everyone to choose for themselves.

In either case, the primary last week shows there are a lot of anti-government people out there who will be hard to convince to give the town government additional taxes.

The board needs to get past this question and then let the people start to discuss the issue.




New Gas Station along Broadway

If there’s anything I’ve hoped for for a while its a gas station over here along 113, and now it looks like its going to happen.

“Spartan Homes” has an item on the Board of Selectmen’s agenda for next week that talks about a “drive through gas station” and a restaurant.

We’ll have to wait for the meeting so see what they are planning.

According to the map, this looks like it will be down by Coyle’s Roadhouse Tavern along Broadway (which looks to me like someone has reopened the pizza place there as well).

I’ve always hated having to either head back over to Bridge St to get gas when I was headed to Salem, NH. Otherwise you have to go through the rotary and deal with turning around.. just a mess.

A little new economic development, along a road already known for business. This can’t be bad for the town.

Unofficial Presidential Primary Election Results

I post here the election results as they have arrived from the Town Clerk.

These are considered Unofficial at this time, but there are rarely many changes that come up during final certification over the next few days.

In summary:

Republicans (4717 total votes): Trump 3020, Cruz 391, Carson 104, Rubio 621, Kasich 479

Democrats (4983 total votes) : Sanders 2737, Clinton 2029

Other candidates, parties, state and town committees are included in the attached.

Backchat, again

More from the Lowell Sun Backchat today:

SMALL PRICE TO PAY: Dracut residents, this proposed override needs to pass. Our schools are failing, and our Police and Fire departments are operating with skeleton crews (and that is an understatement). This is very dangerous and something needs to change. I understand that no one likes to pay more in taxes, but this would equate to a very small amount per taxpayer.


KEEP ON GIVING: Dracut voters, please remember that an override of $1.1 million means that increase will be included every year thereafter. The tax increase will never go away.


Looks like the Sun is trying to keep things even. Today they post a “pro”item and a “con.”

In terms of the “pro,” I agree that the safety services are woefully underfunded and there is great risk do to that. As to the “schools are failing” meme.. that’s hard to sell when we just had the front page story yesterday about our physics program.   The schools do need funds to continue forward, but they are not “failing”.

As to the second, its just a reminder that the override would continue forever. We would be voting to permanently raise our own taxes. That is something that is rarely done, except to purchase something concrete.. for example a building or vehicle, a boiler or new roof.