Backchat, again

More from the Lowell Sun Backchat today:

SMALL PRICE TO PAY: Dracut residents, this proposed override needs to pass. Our schools are failing, and our Police and Fire departments are operating with skeleton crews (and that is an understatement). This is very dangerous and something needs to change. I understand that no one likes to pay more in taxes, but this would equate to a very small amount per taxpayer.


KEEP ON GIVING: Dracut voters, please remember that an override of $1.1 million means that increase will be included every year thereafter. The tax increase will never go away.


Looks like the Sun is trying to keep things even. Today they post a “pro”item and a “con.”

In terms of the “pro,” I agree that the safety services are woefully underfunded and there is great risk do to that. As to the “schools are failing” meme.. that’s hard to sell when we just had the front page story yesterday about our physics program.   The schools do need funds to continue forward, but they are not “failing”.

As to the second, its just a reminder that the override would continue forever. We would be voting to permanently raise our own taxes. That is something that is rarely done, except to purchase something concrete.. for example a building or vehicle, a boiler or new roof.

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