New Gas Station along Broadway

If there’s anything I’ve hoped for for a while its a gas station over here along 113, and now it looks like its going to happen.

“Spartan Homes” has an item on the Board of Selectmen’s agenda for next week that talks about a “drive through gas station” and a restaurant.

We’ll have to wait for the meeting so see what they are planning.

According to the map, this looks like it will be down by Coyle’s Roadhouse Tavern along Broadway (which looks to me like someone has reopened the pizza place there as well).

I’ve always hated having to either head back over to Bridge St to get gas when I was headed to Salem, NH. Otherwise you have to go through the rotary and deal with turning around.. just a mess.

A little new economic development, along a road already known for business. This can’t be bad for the town.

5 thoughts on “New Gas Station along Broadway”

  1. I could never understand, if a location is approved by the zoning bylaws for a certain use, why does it have to go through all the boards? Anyone?

    1. All projects need to be reviewed to see that they do meet the rules.

      Those that are asking for “special permits” as defined in the bylaws need to go to the appropriate board. When they designed the bylaws they determined which options need to go to Planning and which need to go to Selectmen.

      Variance requests I think go to the Zoning board of appeals who review the request for a variance from the rules.

  2. Do you have a copy of the map? I’m under the impression it’s across the street from Coyle’s, currently fields, that’s being re-zoned for this project, no?

  3. I’d like to see one on 113 near convenience plus. Itd help out alot not having to back track before heading out to the highway in the morning. Theyd get a ton of people near there..

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