Betsy Murphy appears on DATV

Ok.. writing this carefully so as not to mess it up…

Betsy Murphy was on a DATV show this evening, and I recommend that you find this and watch it. at least this episode.
Normally, I would not ask you to do this, because it is a show hosted by someone who I feel has lost his way, and does not care about Dracut, and is all about his revenge and obsession against others (Shaw, Forcier, etc).

But in terms of this show, Murphy would not appear with Bond, so the show was hosted by Gordy Scott, a Dracut resident of whom I have had some respect .

It was a good interview with Betsy Murphy, and Scott ended it by endorsing the choice to Vote YES for Dracut by asking the viewers to support both questions on the May 2 election.

Thank you to Gordy, and thank you to Betsy Murphy for taking the positive effort to be seen on that show, yet refusing to be interviewed by the other host. I think Gordy did a good job, and thank him for his support of the override questions.

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