Donations support Community of Caring

Dawn Smith, the Principal from the Brookside elementary school, came to the School Committee meeting last night bearing gifts.

In support of the school’s Community of Caring efforts towards recycling, Hannafords has donated 250 canvas food bags (like the ones you would purchase at the store) to help the students with food collection and cutback of plastic bags in the waste stream.

Plumbing supply company FW Webb has donated an automated water bottle filling station (this provides both a drinking fountain as well as the ability to refill water bottles).  This is in response to a fundraising drive done by the second graders at the school.  Instead of allowing the school to buy the unit, FW Webb donated it.  Previous funds collected will go towards filters.  Andy Graham’s team will install the unit in the lobby of the Brookside.

Big thanks to these local businesses, as well as the students and teachers that made it happen.

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