Sunday Column: School minutes and Richardson Votes

From the Lowell Sun Political Column this morning, we see the question “why is it taking so long to get these minutes out?”  They also point out that Richardson still can get votes, as she did this week for the Republican Town Committee:

THE DRACUT School Committee raised the salaries of Superintendent Steven Stone and other top administrators in executive sessions on Nov. 9 and Oct. 26. Chairwoman Betsy Murphy later realized the votes should have been held in an open meeting and quickly rectified the matter.

As long ago as Dec. 14, committee member

Matthew Sheehan suggested members approve the minutes and release them. It hasn’t happened yet. The documents are still apparently waiting for review from the School Committee’s labor counsel, Joan Stein.

Members said last week they will raise the issue at Monday’s meeting and that there is nothing in the minutes that should not be released to the public now that the administrators’ contracts are settled.

The raises have become a political hot potato as the town’s elected officials try to convince voters that a Proposition 2 1/2 tax override is necessary for the public-safety departments and schools to function adequately.

We’ll note this: During the labor contract negotiations with the Dracut Teachers Association last year, the School Committee met 10 times in executive session and routinely approved minutes at the next regular meeting.


can still attract votes. Sure, it was in the slightly less glamorous race for Republican Town Committee but Richardson topped the ticket with 1,885 votes.

Former School Committee member Michael Blatus was the top vote-getter for Democratic Town Committee with 2,507 circles filled in his favor. And in a victory for the entire town, after last year’s abysmal turnout for the local elections, 9,700 Dracutians did their civic duty and voted.

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