Interesting Backtalk shows need for question discussion

Todays  BACKTALK in the Lowell Sun had two items regarding the School override question in Dracut:

SENIORITIS: The Dracut School Committee must think seniors have an abundance of money trees growing in their yard. How about doing something to help us out?


DOUBLE DEBT: We used a “debt exclusion” to upgrade the Dracut High School facility. Will we have two “debt-exclusions” on the books, or will the one for the high school end before a new one is initiated?


Now the first shows the continuing discussion around town regarding the many people who don’t believe they can afford another tax increase. This is a fair discussion to have.

As to the second, I believe the choice has been made that this would be a tax override (or two tax overrides), not a debt exclusion. As to the answer to the question, the school debt exclusion would continue, and other tax overrides would be put on top of that (actually, on top of the tax levy — the exclusions are separate from taht).

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